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The Ongoing Adventures of X and Ray Series

archival ink on Hahnemuehle rag paper


The Ongoing Adventures of X and Ray

archival ink on Hahnemuehle rag paper from 2000-present

Large Size edition of 48 (56x76cm)

Small size edition of 99 (32x40cm)

Over the years this series has been printed in various sequences using hi res scans of large format images of the original works painted by Lin Onus between 1992-1994. Since Lin’s death in 1996 two more images digitally created by Tiriki Onus and Michael Eather were added to the series. The editions are signed by collaborating artist Michael Eather on behalf of ‘Mandjad productions’ an entity set up with Eather and the Onus family.

The best way to clarify any variation to print quality and pricing is to explain the processes that have taken place since 2000 with editioning this series.

It was undertaken in 2000 with an edition of 48 images on A1 size paper (56x76cm). The series was set at 48 as this was Lin’s age when he died. As this was a boutique edition the collectability of the works is enhanced. A smaller size with an edition of 99 was begun in 2008.

To begin the series. a small number of Artist Proofs a printed for approval by the Onus estate so they were happy with final product. We each kept a proof and several have were sold from this earlier batch.  The printing process is technically a digital reproduction, using Hi RES scans taken from large format transparencies of the original works. As with any limited edition as the edition sells out the prices gradually increase.

With this printing process there is often small variances of print colour saturation for each run, however once a batch is programmed and the machine is running, the prints are 99.9% the same. In our first batch of printing in 2000 we used a different paper and printer (Arches /Giclee). From 2008 we have used (on Hahnemuehle/Epson) .

It’s also important to note that the image that has outsold all others in the series is “Michael and I are just slipping down to the pub for a minute”  The original painting was sold in 2000 at auction for @$39,000 and with its widespread illustration in catalogues and education material has become almost iconic! The large print has now sold out.

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