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Media Release Which Way? Fiona Omeenyo, Rosella Namok & Samantha Hobson

Exhibition title/s:

Which Way? Fiona Omeenyo, Rosella Namok & Samantha Hobson

Exhibition duration: 

6 May – 12 June 2021

FireWorks Gallery, 9/31 thompson st bowen hills qld 4006

Exhibition opening:
Artists’ floor talk:

Thursday 6 May 6-8pm to be opened by The Hon Quentin Bryce - RSVP essential
Saturday 8 May 1-2pm, artists will be present


Media Contact:


Michael Eather


0418 192 845


Exhibition cost:                    Free

Which way? features over 50 works by three prominent members of the original Lockhart River Art Gang (Eastern Cape York Peninsula), which started in the late 1990s, Fiona Omeenyo, Rosella Namok and Samantha Hobson. The exhibition showcases a wide range of paintings completed in Brisbane and Cairns over the last 18 months as well as sculptures in bronze and PVC with 2-pac colours. The three artists have continually developed particular painting styles evocative of their coastal origins.

Fiona Omeenyo’s series of ancestral figures represent the spiritual and the physical worlds, connected by family and stories of their country. Building on her practice as a painter, Fiona has worked with assistants to transform these ethereal figures into bronze sculptural forms.

Rosella Namok has also evolved her practice into the sculptural realm with new bronze and PVC with 2pac works currently being completed. The artist’s paintings explore the coexisting dualities of life; the macro (lore & culture) and the micro (family & self). Through her unique painting technique, developed by watching her grandmother drawing in the sand, Namok creates her signature linear arrangements by pulling her fingers through the paint to create a multiplicity of patterns.

Samantha Hobson’s work similarly deals with the idea of inseparable dualities. For her these are land & sea, culture & identity, time & healing, as she delicately balances a sense of apprehension and acceptance of past and future.

A new major publication (also to be called Which Way? authored by Dr. Sally Butler) which is to be launched later this year follows up on the authors 2007 book, Our Way produced to accompany a UQ Art Museum touring exhibition.

FireWorks Gallery Director remarks, “This exhibition reveals how these dynamic women have continued to forge ahead from their early days growing up in Lockhart River community, including raising their own families, juggling their careers and becoming role models for future generations”.

Artwork prices range from: $880 - $30,000

Preview exhibition here