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Rockhole & soakage water site at Tjiturrulpa

acrylic on linen

Eileen Napaltjarri

This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole and soakage water site of Tjiturrulpa, situated in rocky hills west of the Kintore Community.

During ancestral times a group of men and women travelle east from this site toward the rockhole site of Illpilli. Along the way they gathered material for the production of various tools used in everyday life. The lines in the painting depict the lengths of wood that are fashioned into a variety of tools including kulata (spears), wana (nulla nullas), kiritji (shield) and kali (boomerang). While at Tjiturrulpa the group also gathered a variety of bush foods including pitjara or desert yam, the edible tuber of the shrub Ipomoea costata, pura or bush tomato from the shrub Solanum chippendalei, and kampurarrpa or desert raisin from the small shrub Solanum centrale.

This artwork has been sold. Please contact us for similar works.