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Media Release: Art and Literature Events in March 2014

FireWorks Gallery Exhibitions & Events in March
In March 2014, FireWorks Gallery will be hosting 2 major exhibitions and events including 2 book launches and artist talks.

Rod Moss: DRAWN
Exhibition Opening 6pm Friday 21 March

Rod Moss’s exhibition DRAWN is a survey of the artist’s graphite drawings on Stonehenge paper, showcasing a selection of his earlier works alongside recent pieces. After graduating from a Masters of Art at Monash University, Rod moved to Alice Springs in 1985 where he developed an enduring relationship with the Aboriginal families of Whitegate camp on the town’s eastern fringe. Rod’s drawings and paintings are full of arresting imagery depicting haunting landscapes and portraits of the human condition. The works offer viewers a closer look into Aboriginal daily life in the desert. Rod often wryly quotes in his works famous masterworks from European painting history including those of Rembrandt and Piero della Francesca.

Following on from Rod’s successful book titled The Hard Light of Day (2010) RRP $39.95, his recent book One Thousand Cuts (2013) RRP $59.95 will be launched at the opening. Signed copies of both books will be available for purchase.

DRAWN includes 13 graphite works created between 1994 and 2013 priced from $3950 - $9900

LEGENDS: Aboriginal Master Works
Featuring Lin Onus, Rover Thomas, Freddie Timms et al
Exhibition Opening 6pm Wednesday 26 March

The story of the modern Aboriginal Art movement is the most exciting and transcendent chapter of contemporary Australian history. Within the space of just 40 years, Indigenous artists transformed the perception of their culture from something of strictly ethnographic interest into one of the great internationally acclaimed contemporary art movements of all time.

Part road trip, part memoir, part history, part political commentary, The Dealer is the Devil (2014) RRP $49.95 is illuminatingly thought-provoking and provocative. It is an incredibly exciting and fast paced account of the fluctuating fortunes and exponential success of the Aboriginal art movement, with all of the elements one would expect of a complex drama, played out on a national and international stage. Political posturing, personal aggrandisement, commercial skullduggery and greed all play their part.

Excerpt from The Dealer is the Devil, Adrian Newstead 2014

To augment these stories Fireworks Galllery has curated key works from Aboriginal luminaries. Works by Lin Onus, Rover Thomas and Emily Kame Kngwarreye, who all passed away in the 1990s, are presented alongside works by living legends Freddie Timms, Michael Nelson Jagamara et al. There will be a Q&A at the opening with Phil Brown (Brisbane Arts Writer for the Courier Mail and Brisbane News) and the author of The Dealer is the Devil, Adrian Newstead.  Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase.

Original paintings and limited edition prints are available priced from $850 - $730,000


19 March – 26 April 2014 Exhibitions on display
Where: FireWorks Gallery, 52a Doggett St, Newstead
Media Contact: Michael Eather Phone: 07 3216 1250 Email: