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Matches 5: Ian Waldron - Nirdakiy (Middle Creek)

1 August 2019 to 7 September 2019



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Ian worked as a ticket writer before studying fine art in the mid-1990s. His profound understanding of composition and colour are evident in his works. Two common features in Ian’s practice are his use of Indigenous (Kurtjar) language and the Bloodwood totem. Ian’s new series Chitta Chatta feature overlapping Kurtjar words in vibrant colours.  

Bloodwood Totem poles (or Yuaarr), another signature for Waldron both in his painting and sculptural works, represent one of the most important species of flora of the artist’s traditional country in the Gulf of Carpentaria; the Bloodwood tree. This eucalyptus encased in a thick, rough bark and a hardwood often used for making didgeridoos gained its name from the red sap that flows from it when cut and is a family totem for Ian Waldron.