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Two Ancestral Wanampi (water snakes)

acrylic on linen

Kawayi Nampitjinpa

This painting represents the two ancestral Wanampi (water snakes) that travelled from the site of Pinpirrnga (Desert Bore) to Pinari, north-west of Kintore.

The wanampi were of the Tjakamarra kinship subsection and they were searching for suitable mates of the Napaltjarri kinship subsection. On their travels the snakes created the large tali (sandhills) and puli (roky outcrops) throughout this area.

Upon arrival at Pinari they encountered a female Wanampi of the Napaltjarri kinship subsection. The two Tjakamarras fought over the Napaltjarri, which resulted in her departure.

The Tjakamarras then went underground, continuing their travels west to Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) visiting numerous sites and rockholes along the way.

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